Reverator’s Camera and Print Cine Film Profiling, Film Lab Processing, Halation, Grain Generator, Textures and Details Enhancer, Aperture Corrector, Texture Pitch, Resizer, HDR Compensation, and SoftClips converge into a multi-GPU accelerated Single-Node Cinematic Film Looks OFX Plugin.

Reverator’s Film grain emulates ISOs and EIs from slow to fast film stocks. Grain Size, Granularity, Softness, Shape, Density, Strength, Orientation, and Motion can be independently set on each color channel at any resolution, making your grains truly resolution independent. And if you’re unsure as to how much Film grain to add, Reverator generates the smallest possible grain to be just noticeably different at any resolution.

Using off-the-shelf Resizing, pixel averaging dramatically compromises image Textures and Details. Not so through Reverator’s acclaimed Resizer and Aperture Corrector, used by VFX Studios worldwide, and now – for the first time – available as a plugin. A single global slider fades, preserves, or enhances Textures and Details, or Details only. Optionally, Reverator’s Resizer can generate the smallest possible cinematic-quality grain minimally detectable at any resolution, reinforcing the presence of finer details, greater depths and realism in outputs.

Reverator’s Texture Pitch controls the amount of local de-emphasis or emphasis of Textures in each one of six spectrum bands, providing local and regional contrast emphasis or de-emphasis by detail level.


Original  |  Reverator’s Cinematic Film Looks with Texture Pitch emphasis in the three narrowest Texture bands, de-emphasis in two of the broadest Texture bands, Textures and Details enhancer, and Film grain with Shape and Density variability.

Reverator Cinematic Film Looks OriginalReverator Cinematic Film Looks

Reverator works in over 50 Scene-referred and Display-referred gamuts. It is compatible with both node-based and color managed workflows, including ACES and DaVinci Color Managed. For your best outcomes, Reverator’s Log, Gamma, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Linear processing is 100 % LUT-Free. At 32-bit GPU floats per channel, Log clips can be processed in Linear, and Linear clips processed in Log.