Reverator for The Foundry Nuke


Film Lab, Cine Film Camera & Print Stocks, Halation, Grain, Textures | Details Enhancer, Aperture Corrector, Resizer, SoftClips, HDR Comp


  • Film Lab Processing

Lab simulates the development of the photographic emulsion through the traditional film processing chain. In addition to imparting film sensibilities to digital footage, Lab can also simulate looks associated with the outcomes of irregular film processing, primarily through control of the develop cycle (silver sensitivity, pull | push processing, developer concentration, agitation cycle, replenisher flow, spectra diffusion, bleach bypass).

Reverator’s LUT-Free cine camera and print stocks can be fully customized through Lab’s SoftClips, Toe, Knee, Shoulder, Filmic Slope, Filmic Contrast, and six-vector primary & secondary controls for Saturation, Hue, Chroma, and Vibrance, with twelve additional custom assignable vectors. Lab works in over 40 Camera and workspace gamuts at full 32-bit floating point precision per channel.

View examples of Reverator’s Lab, click here


  • Cinematic Film Grains

Match shots or film stock profiles when adding cinema-quality grains to VFX comps. As Reverator’s grain plate defines the film plane, tonalities behind the lens are transformed into natural grain expressions of silver halide’s undulating sensitivity to light. With film-like Dmin, S-curve, and Dmax attained, there’s no need for shadow, mid, and highlight controls found in scanned or procedurally generated grain overlays. Instead, realistic grain clusters of any film stock in any film format are physically modeled resolution independently and LUT-Free.  Variable optical jitter can be used to impart organic film grit and realism to digital footage that’s just too clinical looking. By adding subtle Film grain, footage is perceived as having more depth and containing more detail than in grain’s absence. Realistic Film grain textures can also supplement denoising outcomes of higher ISOs, or mask color banding, or suppress compression blockiness.

View examples of Reverator’s grain, click here


  • Halation

Halation applies natural looking Halos to Speculars. In each layer, Reverator provides control for Halo’s Radiance, Hue, Diffusion, with Saturation tempering the overall effect.


  • Textures | Details Enhancer, Image Resizer, Aperture Corrector

Using off-the-shelf Resizing, pixel averaging dramatically compromises image Textures and Details. Not so through Reverator’s acclaimed Resizer, used by VFX Studios worldwide, and now – for the first time – available as a plugin. A single global slider fades, preserves, or enhances Textures and Details – or Details only. Aperture Correction boosts or fades Details and/or Textures without Resizing. Separate horizontal and vertical sliders are also provided.

View examples of Reverator’s Textures, Details, and Resizer, click  here


  • Texture Pitch

Texture Pitch provides local and regional contrast emphasis or de-emphasis by detail level. For natural looking outcomes, six texture bands accentuate or diminish the boldest to finest textures. For example, local features residing in one band – such as fine-sized pores – can be accentuated or diminished without affecting medium-sized skin textures residing in another band. Texture bands can be used for a variety of effects, including denoise, bloom, clarity, and local contrast enhancement. For added depth and realism on outputs, Reverator can add the finest grain minimally visible at any frame size.


  • HDR Compensation

Reverator is perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows, with options to process in Linear. Reverator’s Lab, Texture Pitch, Textures and Details Enhancer, Aperture corrector, Resizer, and Film grain generator all perform intelligent gamut-extents suppression. Reverator’s SoftClips can provide cinematic renditions of Speculars and Highlights. And when used In conjunction with Halation, Film grain, and Texture Pitch, cinematic blooming effects can be applied to overexposed areas. One can also manually set lower and upper limits on color gamut extents.


Reverator is a perfect fit for Nuke workflows. Work resolution independently in 32-bit Linear, Gamma, or Log, with Soft and Hard Clipping support for UWG and HDR across 45 Camera and workspace gamuts.

For separate upstream and downstream operations, multiple Reverator Node instances can be launched, each with settings saved to – and recalled from – disk.


Download Reverator for Nuke, Nuke Studio, NukeX, Nuke Indie, 12.2v3+

  Reverator DaVinci Resolve Windows 10, 11 Ubuntu 20.04 - 22.04  
CentOS 7.4 -7.6
Nuke Rocky 8.5 - 8.8 Nuke Mac OS 10.13.6